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The 69oz Challenge Mixed Grill        
 Steak, 2xGammon, 5xPork Chop, 1/2 Chicken, 4 Sausage, 2 Eggs, Mushrooms, Peas, Side Salad, and a Bowl of Chips.
Eat all the 69oz Challenge yourself within 1 hour and get the
You will also get your photo displayed on the challenge wall and a FREE T Shirt
The Quadruple Bypass Burger
4 1/2 pound steak burgers, layers of cheese, bacon,
onion rings, lettuce leafs, Beef tomatoes,
mayonnaise, warm ciabatta bun, mushrooms, side salad and chips
If you eat all the burger yourself within 30 mins you will receive a T Shirt and your photo on the challenge wall
The Widow Maker
24 inches of pork sausage with or without cheese, onions, salad in a giant french stick and chips
Over 18s Only
7 Chicken Wings soaked in probably the hottest marinade ever. We used a blend of smokey paprica, tomatoes, honey, white wine vinegar and the famous and rather
Hot Naga Bhut Jolokia chillie or as the Americans call it Ghost Chillie
It measures a staggering 279,315-1,578,548 scoville heat units.  To put into perspective the Jalapeno chillies are a mear 3,500-8000 scoville units
The deal is eat all 7 wings and you will receive a T shirt and your name and picture will be displayed on the wall of flame, however if you fail your picture will be displayed on the wall of shame.  For our part we will supply you with glasses of milk or yoghurt and we have a few ice lollies available should you need them.  All we ask is that you sign a disclaimer(yes thats how hot it is) proclaiming that you are an IDIOT and have a good time.  One other thing our WALL of FLAME has only a few pictures and the WALL of SHAME is getting quite full
MASSIVE 96oz RUMP STEAK cooked anyway you like
This is not a small burger its weighs the same as a baby 6 1/2 lbs. A double burger filled with cheese, bacon,
onion rings, chips and a little salad on a gigantic bun
75 Wings in 30 minutes
How to compete
Ask the waitress to take the Wingking Challenge
(all meat must be consumed within the 30 minutes)
Waitress has final say bones must be totally clean 
The challenger must not leave the table when the challenge is underway (no toilet breaks)
Challenger must wait 12 months before another attempt
What do I WIN
If the challenger completes the challenge he will get the WINGS FREE Bragging Rights
Picture on thePicture on the WINGKING WALL
12 wings to take home
and a T Shirt
proclaiming that you are a WINGKING
The Orgasma
A tower of 5 Steak Burgers, 5 Chicken Burgers,
Cheese Slices,  Letuce, Tomatoes, Onion Rings,  Bacon, Thinly Sliced Ham, A few Chillies, Mushrooms, Side Salad all in a Warm  Ciabatta Bun  and Chips  
The Po' Boy
A 2 foot sandwich with melted cheese top and bottom filled with lettuce leaves, spicy slaw, layer of ham, mixed peppers, grated cheese, sliced steak, and mushrooms and topped with a sticky barbeque sauce, served on large plank with a bowl of chips. 
A 2 Foot sandwich with melted cheese top and bottom filled with lettuce leaves, spicy slaw, battered calamari rings, wait bait, crayfish and prawns, and topped with a seafood sauce, served on a plank with a bowl of chips.
The Undefeated
A trinity of challenges featuring 
The Mighty Quadruple By-Pass Burger
4 steak burgers, cheese slices, crispy bacon,
onion rings, spicy slaw,
tomato relish, lettuce leaves, all in a warm bun.
The Widow Maker
A giant 2 foot sausage covered in melted cheese, onions, all in a 24 inch French stick
 Suicide 7 Wings
7 Chicken Wings, marinated in a tomato based sauce, laced with naga bhut jolokia {ghost chillies}, probably the hottest chillies known to man.
All topped off with a side salad and a bowl of chips
The Challenge;
Eat all three including side salad and chips within 1 hour, sign the disclaimer for the hot wings and get the meal FREE, a Tee Shirt, and your picture on the wall of fame
Rays Sundae
chocolate sponge, fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkles 
Giant Rocky Road
A Tower of Rocky road topped with scoops of ice cream, cream and lashings of chocolate sauce 
Pancake Stack
6 Pancakes, ice cream, bananas or mixed fruit, squirty cream smothered in either maple syrup or chocolate sauce
Giant Banana Splits
6 Bananas, scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce, mixed fruit, wafers and chocolate chips
Bucket of Ice Cream
Bucket of Multi Flavoured Ice Cream
please note the content of any of the challenges may change at any time subject to availability.
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